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افتراضي Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook

Sarath Lakshman, "Linux Shell استبدال Scripting Cookbook"
Pa ckt Publ ishing | 2011 | ISBN: 1849513767 | 360 pages | PDF | 12 MB

Solve real-world shell استبدال scripting problems with over 110 simple but incredibly effective recipes
Master the art of crafting one-liner command sequence to perform tasks such as text processing, digging data from files, and lot more
Practical problem solving techniques adherent to the latest Linux platform
Packed with easy-to-follow examples to exercise all the features of the Linux shell استبدال scripting language
Part of Packt's Cookbook series: Each recipe is a carefully organized sequence of instructions to complete the task as efficiently as possible

In Detail

GNU/Linux is a remarkable operating system that comes with a complete development environment that is stable, reliable, and extremely powerful. The shell being the native interface to communicate with the operating system is capable of controlling the entire operating system. There are numerous commands on Linux shell which are استبدال documented but hard to understand. The man pages are helpful but they are very lengthy and it does not give any clues on key areas where commands can be used. Proper usage of shell commands can easily solve many complex tasks with a few lines of code, but most linux users don't have the right know-how to use the Linux shell to its full potential.

Linux Shell استبدال Scripting Cookbook is a collection of essential command-line recipes along with detailed deاستبدال scriptions tuned with practical applications. It covers most of the commands on Linux with a variety of usecases accompanied by plenty of examples. This book helps you to perform complex data manipulations involving tasks such as text processing, file management, backups and more with the combination of few commands.

Linux Shell استبدال Scripting Cookbook shows you how to capitalize on all the aspects of Linux using the shell استبدال scripting language. This book teaches you how to use commands to perform simple tasks all the way to استبدال scripting complex tasks such as managing large amounts of data on a network.

It guides you on implementing some of the most common commands in Linux with recipes that handle any of the operations or properties related with files like searching and mining inside a file with grep. It also shows you how utilities such as sed, awk, grep, cut can be combined to solve text processing related problems. The focus is on saving time by automating many activities that we perform interactively through as browser with a few lines of استبدال script.

This book will take you from a clear problem deاستبدال scription to a fully functional program. The recipes contained within the chapter will introduce the reader to specific problems and provide hands-on solutions.

This practical book will help you gain control over all the aspects of Linux using the powerful shell استبدال scripting language

What you will learn from this book
Explore a variety of regular usage tasks and how it can be made faster using shell command
Couple frequently used commands like grep, find, sed, awk
Write shell استبدال scripts that can dig data from web and process it with few lines of code
Perform and automate tasks such as automating backups and restore with archiving tools
Understand file systems, file types and manipulations
Create and maintain file/folder archives, compression formats and encrypting techniques with shell
Set up Ethernet and Wireless LAN with the shell استبدال script
Monitor different activities on the network using logging techniques

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